Terra Cotta Cookies

Terra Cotta Cookies supplies thousands of schools with 100% nut and peanut-free cookies. We were thrilled to work on their website redesign because let's be honest, who can resist working for a cookie company?!

This project had two goals:

  1. Modernize the look and feel
  2. Improve the website usability and ordering system

We used modern, wide layout design with beautiful typography and plenty of room for photos (by Allison Clark Photography) to create a mouth-watering experience.

We organized the website structure in such a way that the visitors can find all relevant information within one click. The ordering system went through a major overhaul. We used WooCommerce to display a catalog of products. Each product displays ingredients and nutritional facts which are so important when ordering for schools.

Terra Cotta Cookies started as a family business in 1984 and grew out of unique and desperate need for great quality peanut-free cookies. To showcase the biggest milestones in the company history, we added Our Story – beautiful storyline.

The website is fully optimized for search engines and is mobile friendly.


Services and technical features

  • Complete project planning and management
  • Creative concepts and design
  • Dynamic CMS
  • E-commerce functionality
  • Timeline
  • Advanced level of on-page SEO
  • Responsive website design
  • Multimedia support
  • Google maps
  • Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

Visit Terra Cotta Cookies website

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