Web Design & Usability

Decorative images or unnecessary fluff?

A fantastic photo makes any website look great. That's why we see so many website designs that feature a large, impactful image.  Their purpose is to establish a tone and emotional appeal. However, web designers often overuse large pictures to the point that they obscure access to information and turn into unnecessary fluff.

Deviations from conventional designs can frustrate visitors

People have expectations of where they can find certain functionality on your website. These Mental Models are based on their past experiences. For example, they expect to find a search button in the top right area of your website,  Any deviation away from conventional practices may frustrate website visitors and negatively impact their view of your brand.

Shaming users into signing up for a deal is not worth the conversions

Growing an email list of contacts is one of the best ways to reach out to audiences who want to hear from you. That is why companies offer a free report, tip, white paper or other deal if you sign up for their newsletter. However, a new trend of shaming users into opting-in has become quite popular these days.

Pop-ups and please-don't-goes annoy visitors

Don't you hate when you a website asks you to enter your email before you start using (Pinterest!) or as you are about to leave? So do most people yet many companies opt for this tactic hoping to get the contact info for future communication.

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